Cuba Hurricane Season Information

Hurricane season in Cuba starts in June and lasts till mid November. It is advisable to do the homework and avoid trips to Havana, Varadero or elsewhere in Cuba when a hurricane is approaching. When Hurricane Ike plowed through Havana and Varadero in early fall of 2008, the capital city and most of the rest of the island was without electricity for a week and there was a lot of mess in the streets from rubble and broken trees which are a typical aftermath of a hurricane. Some planes flying to and from Cuba would likely get canceled or rescheduled which may result in significant changes to your arrival and/or departure schedule.

Visiting Cuba in Hurricane Season

Once again, if you’re visiting Cuba anywhere between June and October, do your due diligence and check current weather conditions as well as any hurricane warnings and avoid all unnecessary travel if there are hurricanes expected. September and October are the worst when it comes to hurricanes. Any visit to Cuba during those months is a hit or miss. You will pay less than any other time of year as not many tourists travel to Cuba in hurricane season, but you’re risking a chance of not seeing much because of frequent rainy weather. Hurricane paths and times can be predicted quite well nowadays so just keep an eye on hurricane warnings for the area and avoid travel if unnecessary. However a careful combination of good timing and planning can result in great and vacation during hurricane season that ends up being inexpensive. Even in hurricane season there are sunny periods that offer enjoyable opportunities for vacations.

Hurricane Dennis over Cuba, Satellite Image by NOAA
Hurricane Dennis over Cuba, Satellite Image by NOAA

Cold Weather During Hurricane Season

Hurricanes sometimes bring along North American interior winds which unexpectedly change Cuba’s temperature to about 10°C (50°F) for a couple of days. This type of temperature is cold and can catch you unprepared as no one stocks up with heavy sweaters when travelling to tropical climates.

Hurricane Season 2009 – Latest Updates

You can find latest information on hurricane season of 2009 on the page dedicated to hurricane predictions for current year:

Hurricane Predictions for 2009 with Latest Updates + Watch and Warnings

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  1. Hello Im planning a vaca in Oct 2010. The dates are Oct 24-Oct 30. Just a week. I would like to know what the weather is like, and how likely is a hurricane to hit cuba (Varadero). Thanks 🙂

  2. Hello Mark,
    i going to have a wedding in Varadero. our holiday will last from 16th until 25th October and I have started to be worry about the weather. I have just reading about hurricane. Please let me know about the weather situation in these days. i know that it is not possible to inform me so precisely about the situation but i am from mid of Europe, so i have not got an idea…Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

  3. to all you idiots asking what the weather is going to be like 3 months in advance of your vacation; READ THE OTHER COMMENTS

  4. to all you idiots asking what the weather is going to be like 3 months in advance of your vacation; READ THE OTHER COMMENTS. mark has answered your question a dozen times already. do you really think it’s possible to predict hurricanes that far ahead of time?

  5. hey sussane,

    you’re an idiot. also, destination weddings are for pricks. unless you’re paying for all your family and friends’ airfare and hotels, they probably resent the shit out of you for making them fly all the way to cuba just to watch your stupid wedding.

    please don’t breed, the world needs fewer morons, not more.

  6. Tom… Sorry but how out of order is your above comment!!!!
    At the end of the day what people decide to do is up to them it’s not for u to come on to a website to get cheap thrills out of insulting people it’s rather sad that u feel ur comments are fair or needed I understand people should read other comments but it’s their holidays or wedding and people pay a hell of a lot of money to have them I think ur idiotic generalisation of families resenting is totally ludicrous!!! Families want happiness and couples gettin wed are asking for reasurance it’s their big day if ur looking for sad cheap thrills go somewhere else I thought this site was to inform people not to insult get over yourself and leave it out!!

  7. Tom,
    firstly, i was not asking YOU! you know nothing about me and my wedding, also about my family…!!!we haven´t got so much money to pay hotels for them, so we are going alone – only me and my husband! my comment was about weather, you are not the one who can assess my decision to marry this way!of course i have red each comment on this site! your comment full of vulgarisms just talk about how stupid somebody could be and gives me an info how inteligent you are! if you want to criticise any others decisions, find another website…THIS SITE IS ABOUT WEATHER!

  8. Your very welcome I just think silly little men ( who r probably single) need to leave people along and not pass judgement probably due to their own mistakes! Good luck with the weather and wedding!x

  9. I am planning a trip to Varadero on December 12th for a week and was wondering if you would have any kind of weather forecast?

  10. hey guys any 1 no wat weather is like in feb were flyin out 4 a wedding but have kids so wondering weatha 2 pack jackets or blankets and is holguin nice etc thanx xxxx

  11. I’m going to cuba at the beginning of June, June 1-8 to be exact.What are the chances of a hurricane hitting in Varadero during this date…?

  12. There’s always a risk for hurricanes between june and novembre in Cuba. The last four-five years however there has been few severe hurricanes hit Cuba. If you are there when hurricanes come, the Cubans are well prerared for it. So dont worry. Why just go,dont care, it might be a memory! And remember – tourists always stay in safer places than most Cubans….

  13. Hi there… My uncle is staying in Varadera, Cuba and recently heard wind of a major hurricane warning. He’s requested that I get some information about the situation; they’re supposedly evacuating the resort he’s staying at…

    So far we’ve heard nothing of a predicted hurricane in Cuba, so I figured I’d check here instead. Know anything of it?

    The sooner you can get back to me, the better.


  14. Hi,

    My friends & I are planning a trip to Veradero around late August (~week of Aug 20th) or around September 1st.

    Do these 2 periods have significant differences between risk of hurricanes? I see quite a big difference in prices but we want to enjoy our vacation as well.

    Please let me know as soon as possible.


  15. i am going to cuba on th 2/9/2011 for 2 weeks are we likely to be affected by any hurricanes i am staying in varadero and will be going to havana for a couple of days ?

  16. Hi – I am planning to go to Cuba in the last weekend of November, would you tell me how’s the weather like that time of year?

    thank you 🙂

  17. I am planning on travelling to Cuba on July 25th to August 11th., 2012 -what are the chances that there will be a hurricane? Is it generally warm that time of year?

  18. I am going to cuba from Dec first to December 8th.
    Is there any chance of a hurricane?

  19. Hi, going to Santa Clara at the end of November and I know – it is the end of hurricane season. My question – since is not a very popular name, is it a good place to go?

  20. hi there, I’m thinking of going to cuba at the beginning of june , I heard that june is the rainiest time of the year to go . Is it worth going ?

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