Cuba Hurricane Season Information

Hurricane season in Cuba starts in June and lasts till mid November. It is advisable to do the homework and avoid trips to Havana, Varadero or elsewhere in Cuba when a hurricane is approaching. When Hurricane Ike plowed through Havana and Varadero in early fall of 2008, the capital city and most of the rest of the island was without electricity for a week and there was a lot of mess in the streets from rubble and broken trees which are a typical aftermath of a hurricane. Some planes flying to and from Cuba would likely get canceled or rescheduled which may result in significant changes to your arrival and/or departure schedule.

Visiting Cuba in Hurricane Season

Once again, if you’re visiting Cuba anywhere between June and October, do your due diligence and check current weather conditions as well as any hurricane warnings and avoid all unnecessary travel if there are hurricanes expected. September and October are the worst when it comes to hurricanes. Any visit to Cuba during those months is a hit or miss. You will pay less than any other time of year as not many tourists travel to Cuba in hurricane season, but you’re risking a chance of not seeing much because of frequent rainy weather. Hurricane paths and times can be predicted quite well nowadays so just keep an eye on hurricane warnings for the area and avoid travel if unnecessary. However a careful combination of good timing and planning can result in great and vacation during hurricane season that ends up being inexpensive. Even in hurricane season there are sunny periods that offer enjoyable opportunities for vacations.

Hurricane Dennis over Cuba, Satellite Image by NOAA

Hurricane Dennis over Cuba, Satellite Image by NOAA

Cold Weather During Hurricane Season

Hurricanes sometimes bring along North American interior winds which unexpectedly change Cuba’s temperature to about 10°C (50°F) for a couple of days. This type of temperature is cold and can catch you unprepared as no one stocks up with heavy sweaters when travelling to tropical climates.

Hurricane Season 2009 – Latest Updates

You can find latest information on hurricane season of 2009 on the page dedicated to hurricane predictions for current year:

Hurricane Predictions for 2009 with Latest Updates + Watch and Warnings

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75 Responses to “Cuba Hurricane Season Information”

  1. Dan Trac Says:

    Hi, I plan going to Cayo coco of Cuba in mild of July. Can you tell me how’s weather at that time? Is there any huricane in July?

  2. Johs Norway Says:

    No big risk I think. I have been there in July before and going in a few daysfor 3 weeks.Some thunder and rain in the evenings that just make it comfortable.

  3. christina Says:

    I plan to go end of July this year, do you think this will be a problem?

  4. Mark Says:

    Hello Christina

    Hurricane season lasts form beginning of June until the end of November. That means that your trip to Cuba will be within hurricane season and what’s worse, it’s close to the peak of the hurricane season (August and September are the two months when historically most as well as wildest hurricanes hit Cuba). So end of July is right up there when it comes to experiencing a hurricane.

    That doesn’t however mean that there will be a hurricane when you go to Cuba. These are just statistics and what current year brings can be entirely different. Who did you buy your vacation through? Many travel agencies offer hurricane guarantee so if you get a hurricane during your vacation, you will get another one free to make up for it (or whatever incentive it is they offer). You should find out with them and see what they have, or you can ask to have your trip rescheduled. Tell them that they failed to tell you that July is within hurricane season and you don’t feel comfortable going.

    All of the above being said – July could be perfectly fine. I have been in Cuba in summer on many occasions and had no problems. Hurricane typically forms deep within the ocean and stars moving towards the land slowly so meteorologists know well in advance when and where it will strike. If you keep an eye on hurricane watch, it should give you a decent idea as to whether there will be a hurricane during your vacation or not.

    If there is nothing on the radar of hurricane watching websites, you should be safe to go and I would not hesitate. Many people realize that there’s hurricane season in July so you could end up having lots of attention as resorts will not be as busy. That also goes hand in hand with the fact that trips during hurricane season could be less expensive, so if you time it right, you could get a well priced trip and get same enjoyment and beautiful weather as people who go during high season when everything is really expensive.

    Hope this was helpful,


  5. Kalle Says:

    I’m looking to go to Cuba at the end of September to the beginning of October and I was wondering because it falls in peak hurricane season what the chances are of there actually being a hurricane. Also I was wondering how many days it might rain between those days.


  6. Mark Says:

    Hi Kalle,

    It is hard to predict the chances of encountering a hurricane. Even if one forms during the time you’ll be in Cuba, it still doesn’t mean that it’ll affect the area where you will be.

    Your trip is still 2 months away. Nobody can predict a hurricane this far in advance. If conditions are favorable, a hurricane can form anytime between beginning of June and end of November. Historically, most hurricanes as well as the wildest ones hit the area in August or September. So yes, chances exist that there will be a hurricane during your stay, but chances also exist that there will be none. At this time nobody really knows.

    Hurricanes can be rather devastating and aside from strong winds and heavy rain, it rips trees from their roots and sends any objects that are not secured (such as boats, roadside debris, etc.) adrift so after the hurricane had left, the area looks devastated and many days will be needed to clean the streets up of all the mess.

    However if you don’t get a hurricane, you will have more sun than rain. It could rain here and there, but rain will not last too long and after the rain it’ll clear up, sun will come out and it’ll be a nice and hot day again.

    One thing to remember – there are travel agencies that offer incentives (or what appears as one) which state that if it rains more than 3 days during your vacation in Cuba, you will get another vacation for free. I can’t remember which company it is, but I’m pretty sure they called this promotion a “Rain Check”.

    The thing there is – they know what most people who buy vacations don’t: Cuba gets 300 days of sunshine a year. If you put it into a mathematical equation, you will see that chances of having three rainy days during a 7 day vacation are basically non existent. In other words, they are offering an incentive they know will never cost them anything. With incentives like that they will never have to give away a free vacation to Cuba to anyone. Think about it – when was the last time you have heard of someone getting a free trip from their travel agent? And as business owners, why would you really give something away if you can attract more customers and give nothing away. Odds are so heavily on their side, that it’s virtually impossible to give a free trip.

    That being said – if it rains on your vacation, it won’t be for too long. You’re likely gonna have more sunshine than rain. Unless you hit a hurricane, which would really suck. But keep an eye on hurricane watch websites and if there is likelihood of one hitting the area where you’re supposed to go on vacation, ask to have it cancelled for a different date.


  7. Lipika Kruger Says:

    I was wondering if november is a high risk hurricane season for a 10 day holiday in Cuba?

  8. Melissa Says:


    I am thinking of booking a vacation mid october to Holguin Cuba, but last yr I went beginnning Sept and was caught int he m iddle of hurricane IKE. Now I know it is a hit or miss but after you experience a hit it is hard to book again. Has anyone travelled mid october to Cuba? I would like to know the average conditions and if historically theres been many hurricanes in Oct?

  9. Mark Says:


    there was a small hurricane in November of 2008 (last year). It was called Hurricane Paloma and while it affected certain regions of central Cuba, it was nothing compared to Hurricane Ike that hit Cuba in September, or Hurricane Gustav that took on Pinar del Rio late August. The risks of a hurricane in November still exist, but magnitude as well as frequency of those does not typically compare to August or September hurricanes. It is very likely your vacation will go without one, but I’d still suggest keeping an eye on weather forecast to see if meteorologists expect a hurricane in the area where you’re going. There normally is some advanced notice as it takes a few days from the moment a disturbance stars in the ocean to a moment it hits the land.


    sounds like you were one of the unlucky ones who caught ravaging hurricane Ike. Historically, there unfortunately have been many hurricanes in Cuba in October, but most of them hit western parts of the island (Pinar del Rio) where as you are suggesting that you’re planning on going to Holguin.

    Hurricane Wilma that hit Cuba in October 2005 created waves so big, it tore off chunks of stone from Malecon sea wall in Havana.

    Check out with your tour operator what kind of cancellation insurance they are offering and keep an eye on weather forecasts as they are the best indication on whether there’s going to be a hurricane in the area where you’re going during the time of your trip.

    Hope you have great time in Cuba,


  10. Melissa Says:

    Thanks for your response Mark

  11. Golnaz Says:

    I am planning to go to Varadero, Cuba during the week of august 16. Do you think the risk of hurricane is high?

  12. Jennifer Says:

    I was planning on going to cuba from august 21-august 28. I was wondering if the risk of a hurricane is high. If there was a hurricane would there be a chance that the hurricane would hit the hotel I was at

  13. Jennifer Says:

    I was planning on going to cuba from august 21-august 28. I was wondering if the risk of a hurricane is high. If there was a hurricane would there be a chance that the hurricane would hit the hotel I was at.

  14. Owen Says:

    Me and my girlfriend are thinking about going to Cuba (we went last year in January) again at the end of September. A bit worried that our holiday will be ruined by a hurricane. Is there any other place that are of similiar culture and climate to Cuba at this time of year? Or do we bite the bullit and except the possibilty of being blow away.
    Kind Regards Owen

  15. Mark Says:

    Hello all,

    Since I am unable to reply to everyone personally, I have created detailed page dedicated to Hurricane Watch for 2009 where you can find latest updates on current hurricane situation in the Caribbean.

    Please note that there are no warnings for the area at this time. I will inform you on that page should there be a warning during this year’s hurricane season.


  16. Claire Says:

    I have just booked to be married in Cuba – Guiardalaavaca next year start of October 2010- i was asured by the travel agent that this wasn’t in hurraine season but since looking at this website realised it is. Do you think i should change dates as don’t want my wedding ruined. I am also concerned with regards to rain fall during my stay. Can you help please worried bride to be.


  17. Mark Says:

    Hello Claire,

    a travel agent who tells you that October is not a hurricane season in Cuba either has no clue what he’s talking about, or is intentionally misleading you to trick you into getting your business. Neither scenario is good. Cause in the former – if he/she makes their living selling vacations, they should make themselves familiar with these fundamental things and in the latter – that’s just plain awful business practice to purposefully provide misleading information.

    October definitely is within hurricane season in Cuba. Whether you should reschedule or not – that’s a tough one. Cuba is in the middle of hurricane season at this very moment, yet weather is absolutely gorgeous. Clear sky, nice tropical sun, just fabulous on all levels. This could also be the case of October 2010. But it could also mean that you will have a hurricane. Nobody can predict what’s gonna happen one year in advance. Hurricane watch centers usually only provide forecasts for 2 days in advance as it doesn’t take long for a hurricane to form out of nothing.

    Unfortunately all I can tell you is that your travel agent was lying (or doesn’t know what he/she is talking about). You will be taking your chances if you go in October. The weather could be as gorgeous as it is right now, but it could also be disastrous. If you want to be 100% hurricane safe, book your honeymoon to take place from December 1st to May 30th. The disadvantage of going to Cuba in winter are short days. Weather will still be tropical, but not as tropical as in Summer, however it will get pitch dark by 6pm so your days will be cut short very early, putting an end to any planned adventure before you realize it. Good thing about winter is that it doesn’t get too hot so you can actually go out and do things without dying of complete overheating.
    Based on multitude of aspects, I consider April to be an overall best month to visit Cuba. The positives of going in April outnumber the negatives more than in any other month. However each month has something else to offer so best month would vary from one person to another.

    As an alternative, you could still have your honeymoon in October, but go to Aruba or Curacao, both of which are Caribbean islands, but are outside of the Caribbean Hurricane Belt so even if you go there in October, there will be no hurricane.

    Hope it goes well for you whichever way you decide to go.

    All the best with your wedding 😉


  18. eni_s Says:

    im leavin for cuba – oasis turquesa veradero!
    from aug. 30 til sept 6. is it alright to be travelling there at this time?

  19. LAXMI Says:

    I will be going to Cuba in a week time and hopefully i will be a very restful vacation and no hurricane to worry about.

  20. Tina Says:

    I wanted some feedback and suggestions. I am planning to go to varadero sometime in Jan-Feb of 2010 but I wanted to know if the temperatures will be at least 25 degrees celsius and up.
    Would it be better to perhaps in March or April when it gets alittle hotter.
    Let me know.

  21. Johs Norway Says:

    Hello Tina!
    I have been to Cuba in the Havanna several times in January/February and are in fact going there the 27 of Jabuary next year too.
    During tbe day I think the temperature will be about 25 degrees. In night time this year there were many nights when the temperature were between 12 and 15 degress. I am living in a casa particulare and there it’s good to have a fleece blankets during nights.


  22. Mike Says:

    Is the sun stronger in Cuba right below the Tropic of Cancer than it is in Miami?


  23. Beverley Says:

    We are thinking of travelling to Cuba Cayo coco area this summer 26th/27th July for 2 weeks, i am concerned that this is hurricane season, i have been asssured that the worst time is june and september october, can anyone who has been end july time give me advise
    thanks Beverley

  24. kath Says:

    i am oing to cube at the end of june for 2 weeks can you tell me what the weather will be like then

  25. Mark Says:

    You guys remember that it is impossible to tell what the weather will be like too far into the future. A hurricane can form out of nothing into a category 4 hurricane in less than 48 hours, hence no one can give you a reliable weather forecast or hurricane prediction for more than 48 hours ahead of time. If you are travelling to Cuba between end of May and end of November, chances DO exist you will experience a hurricane. That’s all one can say for sure. You are going there in the hurricane season which means you are taking your chances. It doesn’t mean you will have a hurricane, but chances do exist. If you want to be near 100% sure there will be no hurricane during your vacation in Cuba, schedule your trip to take place between December and April. However going in hurricane season doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a hurricane during your vacation. There is simply no way of telling until less than 48 hours prior to your trip.


  26. lauvern parker Says:

    hello we are going to cuba guardalavaca from the 3rd till 17th may this year can you please tell me how much rain there will be or will there be no rain l will look forward to your reply lauvern parker hatfield

  27. lauvern parker Says:

    hello we are going to cuba guardalavaca from 3rd till 17th may this year can you please tell me how much rain will be or will there no rain l will look forward to your reply thank you lauvern parker hatfield

  28. Jenny Says:

    Im going to cuba the end of april with everything that is going on over there with weather and iv heard that hurricane season is startinh early were is a safe place to go, Last time I flew to Mexico in Aug in hurricane season and went through a bad storm in the plane droped 2000 feet and had to land on a Dirt path TELL ME THATS NOT CRAZY LOL

  29. DAGMAR Says:

    hi we are planing to go varadero 23 august can you tell me if to look for someting else or we should go

  30. Johs Says:

    Varadero has wonderful beaches and you can swim with dolphins. But Varedero is not the real Cuba. Spend several days in Havanna too. The landscape in Vinales is a wonderful must, and so is many other places too. The point is – dont use all your vacation in Varadero.

  31. lauvern parker Says:

    hi lm going to cuba on the 3rd of may this year to 18th of may can you tell me wat the weather will be like lauvern parker of hatfield

  32. Jenny Says:

    I feel like you are the weather man, You are awesome at making people feel better about going away, Good Job to you.


  33. Laura Says:

    I just found this website and it got me all worried now hehe :)
    I would like to go to Varadero from oct 28 for 11 days. Ive never been to varadero so I wanted to see how it is. I have heard that varadero is one of the more dangerous areas to be in for a hurricane to hit.. From previous experiences do you think it would be more advisable to go elsewhere in cuba/different country or at a later time? What would you suggest?
    Thank you so much in advance for helping me out :)

  34. Mark Says:

    Hello Laura,

    Varadero is Cuba’s most popular tourist area. It’s a stretch of narrow land surrounded by the sea on both sides, with one side lined by a beautiful, never-ending beach with sand so fine it feels like you’re walking on a cloud. Because Varadero sees more tourists than any other part of Cuba, you are sure to hear hurricane related horror stories from there more often than from anywhere else. In other words, I wouldn’t say Varadero gets hit by hurricanes more often than other parts of Cuba, it’s only that you are more likely hear from someone who was in Varadero and experienced a hurricane than anywhere else because so many people go there.

    Fact of a matter is – entire Cuba is within the Caribbean Hurricane Belt. It doesn’t matter where in Cuba you are going to go, if it is within hurricane season, chances DO exist you will experience a hurricane. Cuba is not the only island in the Carribean that faces this possibility. As a matter of fact, all of the Caribbean islands, save three or four near South America (such as Aruba or Curacao) are within the Caribbean Hurricane Belt and as such stand a chance of being hit by a hurricane.

    October 28 is towards the end of Hurricane season so chances are that there will either be no hurricane, or only a small one. However chances also exist that there will be one and will be massive. Weather patterns have been unpredictable last few years.

    If you want to be pretty darn sure you won’t experience a hurricane, go outside of hurricane season. Going to a different part of Cuba within hurricane season doesn’t help. It takes two days for a hurricane to form out of nothing so even if you make a last minute change to not go to Varadero because there is one hurricane that just plowed through the area, there could be another one forming that will hit your nwly chosen location. If you are visiting an island that’s within Caribbean Hurricane Belt during hurricane season, chances DO exist that there will be a hurricane. It’s not a guarantee, but chances do exist. You can only help it by postponing your trip to outside of the hurricane season.

    To people who are asking whether there will be a hurricane on a specific day of the year – nobody knows that. It is possible to know reasonably well within no more than 2 days of the day you are enquiring about. If your trip is between beginning of May and end of November then yes, you are standing a chance of experiencing a hurricane. The chance is 50%. Prediction will be more specific as we get closer to each day of the year. Until then, unless someone finds the way to command the weather, 50% chances of experiencing a hurricane are absolutely real during the hurricane season.


  35. Kalle Says:

    I have a trip booked to Holguin on June 15, 2010 and I do understand that I am going during hurricane season. I was just wondering what month the majority of hurricanes hit Cuba and if June is a month that has got alot of hurricane activity in the past. I also heard that because of the large oil spill that has recently happened the activity of hurricanes is going to increase this hurricane season. I was wondering if there was any truth to that. Also I was wondering if there was a chance the oil could reach as far as the beaches of Holguin. Thank you for any information you could provide for me.


  36. Max Says:

    I am going in the middle of July , what do you think? anybody? thanks ahead

  37. Jay Says:

    Hey, My friends and I are going to Varadero Sept. 1-8. I was wondering what storms have hit there in the past, and to what extent the severity of their damage. Any replies would be awesome!


  38. Mag Says:

    Hey, we are planning to go to Varadero at the end of August. Has that been bad in the past, and do you think it will be bad enough to ruin the vacation?? Any reply will help,

  39. Sandra Says:

    I went to Varedaro Cuba the first week of July, 2005. I know this is a long time ago but we spent the first 5 days of our vacation in paradise. This quickly ended when Hurricane Dennis made his presence known in a Category 4 hurricane. Not fun! My recommendation is to avoid Cuba or any where in the Caribbean in hurricane season.

  40. David Says:

    Hello, we are just back from mexico and are trying cuba nexy year from july 26th to august the 13th will everything be okay, i know its like a year away ut just being weary, we are going to verado in the sol palmeras

  41. John Says:

    Hi we are going to cayococo on the 18th oct 2010
    for 2 weeks is this a good time we have been before in august 2008 had a great time is the weather good at this time of the year.

  42. Lenna Says:

    Hi , I have booked a vacation to go to Varadero in Cuba in Sep2010. I am not so worried about the weather as I know it is hard to predict. But I am eager to know whethter that area is affected by the BP oil spill and if it is how bad it is affected. Has anyone gone there recently and can share your information with me? I have tried to look up info on the web but the info I found was from May or June this year. Does anyone have any more updated info? Thanks

  43. Lenna Says:

    Hi , I have booked a vacation to go to Varadero in Cuba in Sep2010. I am not so worried about the weather as I know it is hard to predict. But I am eager to know whethter that area is affected by the BP oil spill and if it is how bad it is affected. Has anyone gone there recently and can share your information with me? I have tried to look up info on the web but the info I found was from May or June this year. Does anyone have any more updated info? Thanks

  44. Johs. Says:

    Itis not affected at all.

  45. anisa Says:


  46. Johs. Says:

    Mars and April are wonderful, May too.

  47. styles Says:

    Hi, I’m planning a trip to Varadero Nov. 5th for 7 days. What’s it like in November and what are the chances of a hurricane?

  48. Dave Says:

    How about November? The weather ? Any risks? Hurricane??

  49. Ashley Says:

    Is November or December a good time to go to Varadero, Cuba for a week? Will there be lots of sun shine or will there be all rain? How can i know for sure? I’m thinking about goinbg Nov 11th – 18th… or Dec 10th – 17th… What is it like for hurricanes?

  50. Mark Says:

    Ashley and everyone else who is asking whether there will be a hurricane during their holiday in Cuba – only God knows for sure. Hurricane can form out of nothing and into a category 4 storm within two days hence any projection that attempts to see the possibility of a hurricane further than 2 days ahead can not be made for certain. This is a bottom line and it will not change.

    The only thing you have are chances. Going to Cuba in August or September increases your chances of being hit by hurricane, while going between December and April diminishes them to virtually zero.

    November is the end of hurricane season so if you take a trip in November, you do stand a chance of having a hurricane during your stay, however by looking at the past, hurricanes in November are not as frequent and usually not as strong as those in August or September.

    There are no hurricanes in December, however cost of travel to Cuba in December is higher because it’s close to Christmas and New Year. In travel agent’s terms, December is a high season, it’s the time of year when many people travel so prices are artificially bumped up. Waiting a few weeks and going in January delivers the same very trip, with the same weather and same temperatures, but costs a fraction of what it costs in December.

    As for the rain, there is a good chance you will have a day or two of rain in Cuba no matter which time of year you go, but rain doesn’t last too long, the sky clears up quickly afterwards, roads get dry from intense sun and everything is back to normal, including sunny tropical weather.

    Islands of the Caribbean enjoy more than 300 sunny days each year. This fact is well known to the tour operators who are able to offer money back guarantee if it rains for more than 4 days during your 7 day trip. They can easily offer such guarantee because statistically, there is a less than 0.1% chance of raining for 4 days within a week. They know for them this guarantee equals zero risks so for you as a traveller, it should also mean that you shouldn’t sweat too much about it raining all the time while you’re there. It’s really unlikely for it to happen.


  51. Shay Says:

    Hello Im planning a vaca in Oct 2010. The dates are Oct 24-Oct 30. Just a week. I would like to know what the weather is like, and how likely is a hurricane to hit cuba (Varadero). Thanks :)

  52. Sussane Says:

    Hello Mark,
    i going to have a wedding in Varadero. our holiday will last from 16th until 25th October and I have started to be worry about the weather. I have just reading about hurricane. Please let me know about the weather situation in these days. i know that it is not possible to inform me so precisely about the situation but i am from mid of Europe, so i have not got an idea…Thank you very much in advance for your answer.

  53. tom Says:

    to all you idiots asking what the weather is going to be like 3 months in advance of your vacation; READ THE OTHER COMMENTS

  54. tom Says:

    to all you idiots asking what the weather is going to be like 3 months in advance of your vacation; READ THE OTHER COMMENTS. mark has answered your question a dozen times already. do you really think it’s possible to predict hurricanes that far ahead of time?

  55. tom Says:

    hey sussane,

    you’re an idiot. also, destination weddings are for pricks. unless you’re paying for all your family and friends’ airfare and hotels, they probably resent the shit out of you for making them fly all the way to cuba just to watch your stupid wedding.

    please don’t breed, the world needs fewer morons, not more.

  56. Commander Grumpy Old Dirty Underwear Tom Says:

    Thanks Tom.

  57. Jem Says:

    Tom… Sorry but how out of order is your above comment!!!!
    At the end of the day what people decide to do is up to them it’s not for u to come on to a website to get cheap thrills out of insulting people it’s rather sad that u feel ur comments are fair or needed I understand people should read other comments but it’s their holidays or wedding and people pay a hell of a lot of money to have them I think ur idiotic generalisation of families resenting is totally ludicrous!!! Families want happiness and couples gettin wed are asking for reasurance it’s their big day if ur looking for sad cheap thrills go somewhere else I thought this site was to inform people not to insult get over yourself and leave it out!!

  58. Sussane Says:

    firstly, i was not asking YOU! you know nothing about me and my wedding, also about my family…!!!we haven´t got so much money to pay hotels for them, so we are going alone – only me and my husband! my comment was about weather, you are not the one who can assess my decision to marry this way!of course i have red each comment on this site! your comment full of vulgarisms just talk about how stupid somebody could be and gives me an info how inteligent you are! if you want to criticise any others decisions, find another website…THIS SITE IS ABOUT WEATHER!

  59. Sussane Says:

    thank you so much!

  60. Jem Says:

    Your very welcome I just think silly little men ( who r probably single) need to leave people along and not pass judgement probably due to their own mistakes! Good luck with the weather and wedding!x

  61. Brenda Says:

    I am planning a trip to Varadero on December 12th for a week and was wondering if you would have any kind of weather forecast?

  62. xemax Says:

    hey guys any 1 no wat weather is like in feb were flyin out 4 a wedding but have kids so wondering weatha 2 pack jackets or blankets and is holguin nice etc thanx xxxx

  63. Cath Says:

    Hi we are going to Cuba on august 19th 2011 is this a good time to go or is it hurricane season

  64. Mikica Says:

    I’m going to cuba at the beginning of June, June 1-8 to be exact.What are the chances of a hurricane hitting in Varadero during this date…?

  65. Johs. Says:

    There’s always a risk for hurricanes between june and novembre in Cuba. The last four-five years however there has been few severe hurricanes hit Cuba. If you are there when hurricanes come, the Cubans are well prerared for it. So dont worry. Why just go,dont care, it might be a memory! And remember – tourists always stay in safer places than most Cubans….

  66. Cameron Says:

    Hi there… My uncle is staying in Varadera, Cuba and recently heard wind of a major hurricane warning. He’s requested that I get some information about the situation; they’re supposedly evacuating the resort he’s staying at…

    So far we’ve heard nothing of a predicted hurricane in Cuba, so I figured I’d check here instead. Know anything of it?

    The sooner you can get back to me, the better.


  67. CrazyCousinLance Says:

    When I think of September 5th, I don’t think of how Crazy horse spent his last day, but Concrete Galoshes Day as the hurricane devastates Palm Beach County

  68. Min Says:


    My friends & I are planning a trip to Veradero around late August (~week of Aug 20th) or around September 1st.

    Do these 2 periods have significant differences between risk of hurricanes? I see quite a big difference in prices but we want to enjoy our vacation as well.

    Please let me know as soon as possible.


  69. sue Says:

    hi could u let me know wot the weather is like in May ta very much

  70. julie Says:

    i am going to cuba on th 2/9/2011 for 2 weeks are we likely to be affected by any hurricanes i am staying in varadero and will be going to havana for a couple of days ?

  71. Marilyn Says:

    Hi – I am planning to go to Cuba in the last weekend of November, would you tell me how’s the weather like that time of year?

    thank you :)

  72. Catherine Says:

    I am planning on travelling to Cuba on July 25th to August 11th., 2012 -what are the chances that there will be a hurricane? Is it generally warm that time of year?

  73. juliette hachey Says:

    I am going to cuba from Dec first to December 8th.
    Is there any chance of a hurricane?

  74. renata Says:

    Hi, going to Santa Clara at the end of November and I know – it is the end of hurricane season. My question – since is not a very popular name, is it a good place to go?

  75. julian Says:

    hi there, I’m thinking of going to cuba at the beginning of june , I heard that june is the rainiest time of the year to go . Is it worth going ?

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