Havana Events and Festivals

Havana is a host city to many great events and festivals to suit anyone’s taste. If you can synchronize your visit to Havana with an event or festival of your liking, you will likely end up having the best vacation ever. This guide will help you determine which is the best time for you to visit Havana.

Carnival in El Moro Castle, Havana

Carnival in El Moro Castle, Havana, Photo: deVos

Events are organized in chronological order starting in January, ending in December.

The Havana International Book Fair

Date: end of January to beginning of February
Venue: El Morro
Event: Commercial book fair

The Cigar Festival

Date: end of February
Venue: Palacio de las Convenciones
Event: One of new events in Havana. Learn about history of cigars, visit cigar plantations and factories. Great place to buy finest Habanos

International Percussion Festival

Date: mid April
Venue: Teatro Nacional
Event: Lots of great musical acts with competitions for domestic and international percussionists

Cuba Pista Cycling Cup

Date: second week of April
Venue: All over Havana
Event: Cycling competition, bicycles all over Havana and a great event to smoke Habaneros

May Theatre

Date: Second week of May
Venue: Casa de las Américas
Event: Great event for theater lovers. Lots of great performers and international competitors

Havana International Guitar Festival and Competition

Date: Second week of May
Venue: varies
Event: Great event for fans of guitar music. International guitarists performing in competitions.

International Ernest Hemingway White Marlin Fishing Tournament

Date: Beginning of June
Venue: Marina Hemingway
Event: Great fishing competition

International Boleros de Oro Festival

Date: Second half of June
Venue: varies across Havana
Event: For fans of boleros

The Havana Carnival

Date: Weekends between mid-July and mid-August, also in end of February, beginning of March
Venue: In front of the Capitolio and along the Malecón
Event: Colorful parades, lots of good time, pretty girls, awesome costumes, drums, music and dancing

The Festival of Caribbean Culture

Date: In June or July
Venue: Various theaters throughout Havana
Event: Showcase of cultural traditions from various islands in the Caribbean

The Havana International Theatre Festival

Date: Every second September
Venue: Various theaters throughout Havana
Event: Theater plays

Que Siempre Brille el Sol baseball tournament

Date: End of September
Venue: Baseball stadium in Havana
Event: Cubans are mad for baseball

The Havana Festival of Contemporary Music

Date: 10 days in October
Venue: UNEAC and various theaters throughout Havana
Event: Music concert with various bands

The Havana Ballet Festival

Date: in late October
Venue: Gran Teatro
Event: International ballet event

Havana International Festival of University Theatre

Date: End of November
Venue: Theaters across Havana
Event: Showcase of student drama

The International Festival of New Latin American Cinema

Date: beginning of December
Venue: cinemas across Havana
Event: Foremost film festival in Latin America. Big event

The Havana International Jazz Festival

Date: Mid December
Venue: Theatres and the Casa de la Cultura de Plaza
Event: One of world’s biggest jazz festivals. Includes workshops and masterclasses.

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