Best Time to Visit Havana

Havana is a lively town with a lot to offer whole year round, so really – the best time to visit Havana is anytime. You will not be bored and you will get a lot from the visit regardless of when you take your vacation. However, to make the visit as enjoyable as possible, you should evaluate several factors and match them to your personal preferences. This guide is to help you find your own best time to visit Havana.

If you’d like to experience any of countless cultural events that take place in Havana, schedule your visit around that time. Go to Festivals and Events in Havana for detailed guide on these events with dates and description.

Mild climate of Cuba is pleasant any time of year. Winter months are warm, but easier to handle as average temperatures are in mid 20s °C (high 70s °F). Summer gets warmer and may be more challenging for adventures, but will be fine if you’re having just a relaxing holiday by a sea or within proximity of a pool to cool down. Average temperatures in summer are in low 30s °C (high 80s °F). For more detailed information go to Havana Weather.

September and October are the worst months for hurricanes. Some years are fine and Cuba gets almost completely spared, but some years the island gets hit by a bad hurricane and it is advisable to avoid all unnecessary travel if there are hurricane warnings for the area. For more information go to Cuba Hurricanes Season Information.

Visiting Havana in Low Season

There are advantages and disadvantages to visiting Havana in low season. Each reason can be an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on point of view. Low season in Havana lasts from May to October.

There will be fewer tourists around in low season. You will get more attention from locals, service will be faster in restaurants and place to sit will be readily available. It is also likely that a plane ticket will be cheaper. If you enjoy doing your thing without much fuss going on, this would be your best time to visit Havana.

Low season gets rainy and hot plus you’ll need to keep an eye on hurricane warnings. September and October are the worst months for hurricanes. Rainfall even in low season isn’t that bad either – it typically only lasts a day or two and is quickly followed by hot sun that dries it up.

Some touristy spots are not open in low season so you’ll miss out on what they have to offer, though.

Visiting Havana in High Season

If like big parties with lots of people around and a city full of energy and pulse, schedule your vacation for high season (between December and April and in July and August).

You will likely meet with other travelers from Canada or Europe which makes for a lot of fun and often forges good new friendships. Everything is open and in full swing of things.

It could get overwhelming, especially if you visit Havana on some really busy days, such as Christmas or New Years Eve. Unless you book months in advance, you may not be able to get the room you want or the car rental of your choice (if any at all).

Overall Best Months to Visit Havana

April and May are hands down the best months to visit Havana. Weather is very pleasant – it’s hot but not scorching hot, it doesn’t rain too much and there are no hurricanes.

Unless you time your visit for Easter, Both April and May will offer fairly low season treatment with good availability and low rates for hotel rooms and car rentals. Plane tickets and package holidays to Havana in these months are also priced lower. You’ll get the best of all worlds that way.

For additional information on Havana, go to Havana – Complete Guide

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