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Cuba Sunset, Photo: anna 78, Flickr
Cuba Sanset, Photo: anna 78, Flickr

About Cuba Tourism

While primarily focused on tourism in Cuba, this website is more than just a complete tourist guide for visitors to the island. You can find factual information about Cuba, hotel reviews and recommendations, information about car rentals and tips on how to effectively and efficiently rent a car, news from Cuba, articles about Cuba and Cuban tourism, and everything else related to the largest island in the Caribbean. Additional range of topics covered includes Cuban history, business in Cuba, Cuban health care, weather in Cuba, and so on.

All information provided on Cuba Tourism is factual and reflects up to date information. We update the website regularly to make sure you are not provided with outdated information. We hope you find Cuba Tourism website useful and will recommend it to your friends and family.

Map of Cuba from World Atlas
Map of Cuba from World Atlas

About Cuba

Cuba is an archipelago strategically located between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. With 3735 kilometers of coastline, Cuba offers dozens of kilometers of world’s finest beaches with crystal clear water and sand that’s pillowy soft. Combined with well-preserved, abounding nature, world’s friendliest and most hospitable people and you’ll know why Cuba Tourism is booming and attracting millions visitors from all around the world every year.

As owner of Cuba Tourism strongly encourage everyone to go and see more of Cuba, than just the all inclusive resort in Varadero. Experience the joy and peace Cuba offers, get off beaten tourist path, rent a car and follow your own eyes. Cuba is a safe country with minimal crime and tourists are well looked after by your police (however English language can be a barrier).

Cuba is home to 16,500 species of animals and about 90% are endemic. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Cuba, whether you prefer sun and beach, cultural and historical sights in cities or nature and wildlife. Oh, and let’s not forget diving enthusiasts. If you’re one, you’re gonna love Cuba.

There are over 300 museums in Cuba, some specializing in art, some in science and technology, some in anthropology and ethnography, but most (68) are focused on history.

Havana, the capital of Cuba is a live museum of various architectural styles some reaching as far back as 16th century – the beginnings of Spanish colonization.

Cuba welcomes you and I would like to welcome you to Cuba Tourism website. I am en enthusiast from Canada who knows Cuba backwards and will offer you real life advice based on real life experience. You can’t find any of it in travel guides. Make Cuba Tourism your only guide to Cuba. You can rely on me.

If there is particular information you were not able to find on Cuba Tourism, please contact me and I’ll make sure it will be included in site’s next update.


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